Exclusive Online & Offline Services

Online services, Buildings in Bangkok from Chao Phraya River
Online services are an easy way for you to create a customized digital experience for you and your business. My services give you the ability to inspire your customers and help them find the products that are right for them.

Coffee time "Ask me"

Coffee time 'Ask me'

A physical meeting over a cup of coffee or an online meeting lasting at least 1 hour. We recommend that you prepare at least 10 questions for the meeting to save you and my time. You can ask anything you want.

Education and Mentorship

Education & Mentorship

Individual training on real projects and working with clients. Intra-corporate multinational training, optimization and digitalization of business processes. No mass courses - there is no time for this.

Building Strong Online Branding

Building a Strong Online Brand

As Bill Gates said, if your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business. How to make a strong and powerful brand online? It is enough to stick to the basic design and psychological aspects that you can implement yourself or with my help.

Digital Transformation, Digital Lord Workshop

Digital Lord Workshop

How to transform your business and focus on profitable growth. The special business seminar and workshop for decision-makers.

Digital Business Consulting

Digital Business Consulting

In-house digital business consulting is a transfer and integration of professional experience and knowledge to a client or brand. 10 golden rules and consulting competence.

Men's Mental Framework

Men's Mental Framework

Psychological course is a project for men who are willing and ready to undergo long-term psychotherapy of the course "Men's Mental Framework" independently or accompanied by a personal specialist. Available only in Russian.

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