The Japanese Concept of Kaizen

Nadezhda Sviridova is a clinical psychologist on Phuket in Thailand
The Japanese concept of Kaizen is a small daily improvement that ultimately leads to huge benefits. I learned this from Evgeniy. These advantages certainly immediately catch the eye and are imprinted in the image of a unique, worthy and multi-faceted person - this is Evgeniy.

The personality is so comprehensively developed and strengthened by life experience both in the physical and in the information world that from the very first moments I realized that he was an aesthete and an expert. He chooses the best from the already truly worthy and unique. Whether it's a cafe where we like to chat, or a recommendation for a traveler, or his opinion on some topic. It is always exciting, useful, refined, and at the same time simple and easy.

With such a tactful approach, attentive gaze, and charm, Evgeniy creates an atmosphere around him in which he is not only comfortable and pleasant but always interesting. It also automatically creates the motivation to practice the Japanese concept of Kaizen and make at least a small improvement for yourself, your life or business, or even the whole world, to consolidate it in everyday practice and thereby come to a huge benefit.

Thank you to the beautiful island of Phuket, which gave me such a valuable acquaintance.

Nadezhda Sviridova is a clinical psychologist with work experience since 2007, a systemic family therapist, a group therapist, a specialist in working with various types of addictions, a business consultant in the field of psychoanalysis in business.

She works with adult men and women online and offline in the First Psychological Center on Phuket in Thailand.

I remember our first meeting forever. I came to Nadezhda's center to meet her. We talked for more than three hours. We had so much experience of observing ourselves that we vied with each other to share it. That day, the Chinese green tea cooled down three times. 😄

You can contact Nadezhda on social networks on Instagram or Facebook.

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