Women's Approach to Remote Business Management Abroad

Maria Mashkin
Maria Mashkin is the owner and head of LemanDom real estate agency in Phuket, Thailand. She is a prime example of a businesswoman who can and does business remotely from Miami to Phuket, from Cyprus to Moscow. Her team consists of 95% of the young ladies team. The team helps people to realize their dreams - to buy real estate abroad by the sea.

Exchange operator Nasdaq to advance diversity through New Proposed listing requirements in December 2020. The operator intends to require listed companies to include women on their boards of directors. This is not surprising to me. Having worked with Maria for several years, I have repeatedly seen how flexible she is in her work. This unique quality helps her quickly implement new approaches in business and life, use the latest technologies, and correctly positively negotiate with people.

You can contact Maria on social networks on Instagram or Facebook.

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