Phuket Chamber Privilege Card

Phuket Chamber Privilege Card
For foreign businessmen, investors and people who value time, Phuket in Thailand has a whole set of privileges for interacting with the public and private sector.

Phuket Chamber Privilege Card (PCPC) is presented by the Phuket Chamber of Commerce as a part of the Thai Chamber of Commerce.

General privileges and advice include helping to create a hassle-free business, investment, housing and recreation on this paradise island through various consultation channels.

The PCPC is the one and only privilege card that provides advice on hospitality, real estate, and normal daily life on Phuket and the neighboring provinces.

The privileges for the members of the PCPC include services:
  • Assistance ⤑ business consultant, legal advice
  • Government ⤑ driver’s license, land department, consul, immigration and customs
  • Retail ⤑ hotels, restaurants, tours, car rentals
  • Special services ⤑ airport immigration, fast track, airport transfer
  • Events on Phuket ⤑ e-newsletters, annual thank-you party

Key benefits and privileges:
  • Available only for foreign investors over 20 years of age
  • Validity period = one year + extension
  • Airport immigration fast track for international flights only
  • Airport transfer and lounge for international flights only
  • Government coordination in the Driver's License, Land Department, Council, Immigration and other departments
  • Rental privileges in hotels, restaurants, tours, cars for rent
  • Tour booking and arrangement assistance
  • Business Consultant

Ask me how it works and enjoy your time on Phuket in the "Pearl of the Andaman”.

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