Overdose of Information ‧ How to Set Up and Maintain the Importance of Social Networks

Info's Overdose. Saving Digital Lifetime Value. How to set up and maintain the importance of social networks
This article is not suitable for everyone, but only for those who appreciate and understand the importance of time.

Based on the constant broadcasts in the Clubhouse and questions, examples of working moments and life hacks for optimizing information consumption were obtained on the example of social networks and messengers. Checked, it works.

What we have

  • "Gluttony” of media content
  • A constant desire to check email, messengers, and social networks, as if something important or useful is happening during the absence. Lost profit syndrome = anxiety. The anxiety triggers the consumption mechanism
  • Bipolar disorder on the background of social networks (for as long as necessary) - an unhealthy attitude to apps
  • The feeling of external control from social networks
  • Understanding about the Struggle for Attention (for Hours of Human Life)
  • Sticking in the networks - the brain does not rest. The psyche cannot be in a static state - degradation or development
  • When a person is not able to choose independently, the choice will be made for him

What to do

  • To get off the needle - you need to realize because everything is reflexive
  • Completely disable all notifications on the phone itself in all applications (leave a maximum of one working messenger)
  • Start the mindfulness filter and form a habit. Don't be lazy and start creating social networks (2 minutes a day)
  • Stop making likes on the pages and profiles of brands and people. Friends can be
  • Subscribe only to what you need for work and development
  • Unsubscribe from all pages and people if their content over the past month has not brought any benefit
⤑ When you see an ad or recommended content, click the " ... " button and select "Hide ad", then select "Irrelevant". Facebook Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. - all of them are at least supported.


How to set up Facebook


How to set up Instagram


How to set up LinkedIn


How to set up YouTube

⤑ Stop instantly replying to messages and comments to everyone. Ideally, all important and necessary contacts should be transferred to one messenger (for example, Telegram, WhatsApp). The rest will be perceived as "not important".

⤑ Structure everything you can. Quick access and cataloging.

⤑ In Telegram, divide chats into folders and disable all notifications in all chats and channels.


⤑ In emails, set up filters and create folders. Do not be lazy to click the "Unsubscribe from the mailing list" button in the email. The ideal days for mass unsubscribes are the days before the birthday and the days before the New Year when most services will send template letters with congratulations.

⤑ On Pinterest, create boards and divide all the pins into boards.


How to set up Pinterest
⤑ Don't add friends to people with a profile in a language you don't understand.
⤑ Mercilessly remove destructive friends from social profiles.

The main message

Start unsubscribing, do not stop the process. A social network can serve as a good tool for work and development. You need to configure it. Unsubscribe from all unnecessary content and specify “not interested" content.

The trend for a brand

What kind of experience will the user get from your content?

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